Library rules in english

Library card

A library card is free of charge and can be obtained by presenting a valid photo ID. Your library card allows you to borrow almost everything you find, and we hope that it will bring you much joy!

You confirm that you understand and accept the library’s borrowing rules by signing your name on the library card. 

The staff can help you to apply a PIN code to your card. The PIN code will allow you to borrow items through our automated checkout. You can also log in to the library’s website, where you can reserve books, extend lending periods, borrow e-books, etc.

The library card is personal and you are responsible for everything you borrow on your card, even if someone else uses it. Which is why you should never lend your library card or PIN code to another person and, if you lose your card, you should immediately report it lost to the library or on the library’s website!

Library card for children

Everyone can get their own library card, but children and youths under 18 years of age require the written permission (opens link in new window as PDF) of a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian is responsible for the minor’s library card and everything that is borrowed on the card, even if someone else uses it.

Borrowed media

When you borrow an item you will receive a receipt showing what you have borrowed and details of the return date. You are responsible for anything you have borrowed until it is recorded as returned. 
If you want a reminder a few days prior to the return date, you can receive a free overdue warning by e-mail or SMS, but the responsibility is still yours.

You are responsible for borrowed media being returned in good condition. If the item is damaged, then you must replace it at the same rate as for lost media.

Loan period

The loan period for our media is normally 4 weeks, but if there are several reservations, the loan period will be reduced to 2 weeks.

The loan period for magazines and fairy tale boxes is 2 weeks.

The loan period for films and video games is 2 weeks.


You may renew your loans twice, unless no one else has requested the item.  

Magazines, movies, video games, fairy tale boxes and language bags may only be renewed once. Short-term loans cannot be renewed.

Interlibrary loans

An interlibrary loan is when a book is ordered from a library outside of Älmhult Municipality. 

The following media cannot be ordered:
•    Titles that we have two or more copies of in Älmhult Municipality.
•    Popular literature
•    Magazines, films and video games

Waiting time, loan period and loans:
•    Interlibrary loans take 1-2 weeks if the item is available at another library
•    The lending library’s rules apply concerning loan period but the longest you can keep a book is 12 weeks.    
•    You may borrow or apply for a total of 10 interlibrary loans at a time.

Ordering an interlibrary loan costs SEK 20, even if you cancel or do not collect your book. When ordering copies you must pay the actual prices, normally SEK 50-100 per item. Lost items will be charged at the cost the lending library charges.


If you return your borrowed items late, then you will be charged a delay penalty. The maximum delay penalty per loan occasion and library card is SEK 100.

It is easy to forget a date, so 1 week after the return date you will receive a message that time has run out. If your borrowed items are reserved by another patron, you will receive a reminder after 1 day. 

2 weeks after the first reminder is sent you will receive a second reminder, and 2 weeks after that we will print out an invoice and turn the matter over to the municipality’s finance department. It is now too late for you to return what you have borrowed even if you should find it. 

The finance department will send an invoice for the value of the borrowed item including any delay penalties accrued and a service charge. If you don’t pay the invoice you will receive a payment reminder, and if you still fail to pay, the matter will be sent for debt collection. 

Patrons who do not follow the library´s rules or who do not pay their debts to the library will lose the right to borrow until the debt has been paid in full. The library card will be automatically blocked when fines exceed SEK 100.


General fees

Lost library card   SEK 20
Ordering interlibrary loan  SEK 20
A4 copy/printout, black and white SEK 3/page
A4 copy/printout, colour  SEK 5/page
A3 copy/printout, black and white SEK 5/page
A3 copy/printout, colour  SEK 8/page

Default fees for media for adults

Short-term loan, films, videogames. SEK 5/day 
All other adult media, fairy tale boxes, language bags  SEK 10/week

Lost media for adults

E-book reader    Purchase cost
Video games, films   SEK 450
Language courses   SEK 350
Books, audio books   SEK 250
CDs     SEK 150
Paperback books, magazines  SEK 50

Lost media for children

Video games, films   SEK 450
Books, audio books, CDs  SEK 150
Paperback books, magazines  SEK 50
Fairy tale boxes, language bags SEK 50/item
For valuable media or media that is difficult to replace, you will be charged a higher rate. 

The costs are approved by the municipal executive board 2019-11-25.

Personal record

The personal records that you submit when applying for a library card are used to administer your library loans and are processed according to GDPR.